Ghost Labyrinth
History of escape

Welcome to the Ghost Labyrinth - a world of mysterious surrealism for those who love escape games, quest games and puzzle games, who are interested in the game's story and unexpected end, for those who like to solve puzzle games.
Fans of the arcade also will not remain indifferent, because for them we have battles with all evil being & spirits.

You have to solve the riddle of the main character, find a way out of the maze solving a variety of puzzles. Fight off the attack of monsters. Collect artifacts, pump the hero and find a way out of difficult situations.

The puzzle consists of a static and moving part. The task is to combine the external and internal drawing. It also takes into account the combination of the same internal drawings as in the usual math3.

Several types of puzzles:

  • Collect a certain number of different characters.
  • To defeat the evil, you need to score more points before the opponent.
  • To defeat spirits, you need to win more characters.
  • The puzzles become more complicated as the labyrinth passes, and various obstacles are added to the field.

In the labyrinth there are action scenes in order to unload the player's brain from intense meditations.

Have a good game!


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